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Pastor Anthony Pigee Jr

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Anthony Pigee Jr
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Pastor Anthony Pigee Jr


Pastor Anthony Pigee Jr was almost born in Church; his Mother Vanika Pigee’s water broke while in church! Anthony has been in church all his life, but he sought after the Lord for himself and began to grow a real relationship with God at the mighty age of 12.

Anthony went to the Los Angeles Church of God In Christ up until the age of 12, with  time he was released to go and serve at the Church of the Word now known as The Word Center, under the leadership of Pastor Henry & Alicia Pigee.  While worshiping at C.O.T.W. Anthony served as President of the Youth Department in 2004 at the age of 15 and was also appointed Head Jr. Armor Bearer within the same year.

In 2005, Anthony was released from C.O.T.W. to serve his Father and current Pastor, Bishop Anthony Pigee Sr., and the Life of Faith Church family.  Anthony has worshipped in many different capacities: he has served as Drummer, Janitor, Sound Tech, Head Armor Bearer, as well as Staff Member of the Youth Department.  After showing great humility and faithfulness Anthony was selected to oversee the Youth Department in 2010.  Witnessing the success of the Youth Department, Anthony was then appointed Youth Pastor in June 2011, following his first message God released Anthony into the nations.  He has had the privilege to preach to Minister locally and nationally! Anthony has received two awards from the City of Los Angeles for being a role model.

On August 4th, 2017 Anthony Pigee Jr was ordained as an Elder and appointed the National Youth Pastor for MICA, Monument International Churches Assembly in Chicago, IL, under the late great Apostle Richard D. Henton. Anthony is also the Founder and host of Anthony Pigee Jr Ministries and Fatal Attraction Conference. April 8th 2020, the Lord called Bishop Anthony Pigee Sr., home.  His son, Anthony Pigee Jr was appointed Interim Pastor of Life of Faith Church, May 7th, 2020, and Senior Pastor July 25th, 2021Anthony met his lovely wife, Tineisha Pigee, in 2004 and they married September 11, 2010.  July 9th, 2013, God added a member to the Pigee Family, the wonderful Ms. Alaysha Pigee. 


Anthony Pigee Jr has a Bachelors and Masters in Theology, and is currently pursuing a DMin as a student at Sam DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University.

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