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Anthony Pigee, Jr.
Lead Pastor

Pastor, husband, father, son, author and visionary.


Tineisha Pigee
First Lady

Loving wife, mother, daughter, friend and Business Owner.


Chris Hall
Minister of Music

With over 15 years in the Gospel industry, Min. Hall has a heart for God and his people.  He’s a devoted husband, father and sibling. 


Dr. Harold Dacus
Chief Financial Officer

Former Pastor of 33 years, Dr. Harold Dacus is a well rounded man of God.  He’s a devoted husband, father, grandfather and brother.  He has served in  every capacity imaginable..


Sharada Hyche
Hospitality Services

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Sharada Has served as the food manager for the Aquarium Pacific of Long Beach as well as kitchen supervisor in various hospitals.  She has her own catering business. She’s also a loving mother and grandmother.


Kammi Paysinger
Event Clerk

Kammi Paysinger is a very passionate woman, who loves God and her church. She's an intercessor and loves to serve in excellence. She's a licensed minister and she has served as an accomplished LVN for Kaiser Permanente for over 15 years.


Golathia Young
Church Secretary

Golathia is a hard working professional, with expertise in office management and customer service.  She loves God and his people.


Lauren Hall
New Members Director

Lauren Hall is a loving, kind hearted person.  She has a heart for people and her work speaks for itself.  With a Master's Degree in Health Admin, Mrs. Hall is very discipline and serious about what she does.


Cornelius Ward
Dean of Education

Elder Ward is a devoted father, husband, student and teacher of the God's word.  With a Master's in Biblical Studies a Former Senior Pastor & Seminary Professor, Elder Ward is fully equipped to ensure that all members obtain a high efficiency of Biblical Literacy


Letesha Butts
Pastor's Secretary

Letesha Butts is a diligent hard worker who loves God and love to serve. She is a licensed minister and she has served as an Administrative Service Coordinator  Kaiser Permanente for over 20 years.


Twhyla Brown
Prayer & intercession Director

Twhyla Brown is a kind hearted, sweet and loving person.  She has served as the Head Porter for five years and this department is thriving as a result of her leadership.


Dabione Jacko
Grounds Supervisor

Dabione is one of a kind. A very passionate man, who loves God, his wife, and children.  He makes sure the house of God is prepared for you to worship.

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